Demand that Portuguese government declares each council as "5G FREE Zones"

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We call on our representatives in Lisbon, and in every single council and all parishes across Portugal - not only in Algarve - to heed the call of independent scientists, medical professionals and public health experts around the world who are warning of the dangers of the 5G wireless technology, and we demand that they reject any proposal to use public funds or public property to facilitate the deployment of expanded wireless networks.

ASMAA strongly rejects the rush to roll out 5G wireless technology across the European Union, and more specifically across Portugal. It is unwarranted and dangerous, it places the interests of a single industry ahead of the population and nature.


  • ASMAA believes in science. We believe in truly independent scientific studies and reports that are unencumbered by industry or government influence. There’s no doubt in our minds that independent science is critical to decision-making that is in the best interests of people and nature.
  • ASMAA believes in policies that evolve with science. Scientific thought changes, as new discoveries are made and old hypotheses are disproved. Government agencies must ensure that policies are updated as and when independent, fully tested  and found to be 100% safe scientific discoveries are developed.
  • ASMAA believes we have a moral obligation to protect the next generation. Our children depend on us, and on government leaders, to protect their health, safety, security and well-being! We all, every single person, has the moral duty and the responsibility to place this obligation above all others.
  • ASMAA believes in local control over the deployment of technology in our neighborhoods. We are cognizant of the fact that not only Portuguese people, but also people from 26 European countries, live, work or have retired in Portugal, over and above other third countries immigrants.

    All European residents in any European country, have the right to elect local leaders to represent their interests and respond to the unique needs and aesthetics of their community. It is the responsibility of local elected leaders to ensure that the will of local residents is followed. Local elected leaders must be fully accountable to the local population if they fail to do so.


5G Free Zone” is a project of ASMAA, an independent association located in the south of Portugal in the Algarve. ASMAA is fully committed to the development of new technologies, however we support technologies that advance our common interests, while protecting the health, safety, security, privacy and property values of all people living in Portugal.

Thank you

ASMAA Management

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