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Ask Tripoli city council to provide funds for the neglected Zoo


The Tripoli Zoo has received world attention during the Libyan Revolution is in trouble again. 1000 animals who severely suffered during the Libyan war continue to be neglected by the local government. The zoo is not receiving any federal funds and animals have been surviving on aid from the international animal organizations. For the last couple months the aid was enough for food and medical supplies but no funds was provided to restore animals living spaces. Tripoli Zoo was being remodeled right before the war broke out and the animals where temporally placed in small spaces until the work was completed. More than year and half has past and the animals are still living in these unhealthy and inhumane conditions. Dr Abdul Salam Mahommed, the head Veterinary of Tripoli Zoo has called on urgent help to save the animals, who are suffering from severe stress from the war and living conditions. Also he stressed the possibility of losing some donations that saved the animals for the last four months.

We are calling on Tripoli government to take full responsibility to manage the zoo and care for these neglected animals.


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  • Head of Tripoli, Libya city council
    councilman Abdul Razzak Abuhajar
  • Prime Minister
    Dr Abdurrahim El-Keib

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