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Ask Senator McCain to Endorse the AFFIL Principles

The Democratic presidential candidate Senator Barack Obama has endorsed the AFFIL Principles of Fairness in Lending. 

However, even after many repeated attempts, Senator McCain has not endorsed the Principles or even returned our phone calls.

Send an email and ask Senator McCain to endorse the Principles today!  If you are among the AFFIL supporters who are Republican or independent, your voice is especially important.  Tell Senator McCain that you’ve endorsed the Principles, and ask him to endorse as well.  It is essential that the next president understand the importance of stopping predatory lending, and as the presumed Republican nominee, we need to send this message to Senator McCain loud and clear.

If you have a question or a story about predatory lending for the candidates, we’ve set up a handy webform on our website for you to contact both of them at once.  Remind them that you’re fed up with predatory lending by sharing your story, question or comment.  Let’s keep the pressure on and the momentum going!

Letter to
Predatory lending is a crisis in America affecting millions of hardworking families.  I am a member of Americans for Fairness in Lending and have endorsed the Principles of Fairness in Lending.  I ask you to endorse the Principles to show your commitment to ending abusive lending in the United States of America.  It is crucial that the next president understand the lending crisis and commit to ending it.