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The Humane Society of Missouri does some admirable work with dogs, cats, horses, and other animals--including abused farmed animals who have been seized--and it deserves much praise for its recent efforts to rescue and care for 400+ pit bulls seized in a massive dogfighting raid. But unfortunately, HSMO also continues to host fundraising events that rely on the endangerment and exploitation of horses (for entertainment) and the killing of cows, chickens, and pigs (for food), in order to financially support the care of those very same animals at Longmeadow Rescue Ranch.

Please read this post for more details on this situation and on the events.

Sign this petition to ask the HSMO to change its policies and make its events truly animal-friendly, to stop raising funds for one set of farmed animals by exploiting, endangering, and killing other sets of farmed animals.

The letter is customizable, but please remain respectful. This isn't about yelling at or demonizing HSMO and Longmeadow Rescue Ranch; it is about asking them to recognize a problem and make a compassionate change.

In addition to signing this petition, please consider also faxing your concerns to the HSMO administrative offices: 314-647-4317

Letter to
President, Humane Society of Missouri Kathryn Warnick
Director, Longmeadow Rescue Ranch Amanda Hirshberg
Event Coordinator, Humane Society of Missouri Jessica Stegen
Through Longmeadow Rescue Ranch, the Humane Society of Missouri provides an important safe space for farmed animals in Missouri and in the Midwest. In an area where the animal abuses that come to light make up only a fraction of the terrible abuses actually taking place every day, HSMO's support of a place where rescued farmed animals can find safety and care until adoption or throughout their lives is needed.

That said, I am deeply disappointed that HSMO and Longmeadow continue to raise funds for the animals at Longmeadow at the very expense of animals just like the ones who call the rescue ranch home.

I have learned that on August 22, 2009, HSMO plans to host a polo event and barbecue as a fundraiser for the horses, pigs, cows, birds, and other animals at Longmeadow--and that it has hosted or profited from other similar events, including horse shows and eventing, in the past--and I am disturbed that you are planning to endanger and exploit one set of horses to fund the care of another set of horses and that you are planning to serve food that required the abuse, mutilation, and terrible slaughter of one set of animals to, again, fund the care for another set of those very same animals. Perhaps without realizing it, HSMO is actually perpetuating and financially supporting the cycles and abuses that make institutions such as Longmeadow Rescue Ranch necessary in the first place.

It is not possible to protect animals while raising money by exploiting, endangering, and killing those same animals. It does not make sense to save one horse, one cow, one pig, one chicken and then endanger and support the torture and killing of countless more of those same animals to pay for the care of the few rescued. (You can read more about the concerns of animal advocates at

For these reasons, I respectfully ask that you change your policies on such events. I hope that you will consider revising your plans for this August fundraiser to not include the exploitative polo match and to provide only animal-friendly food. And I also ask that you please commit to making the meals and the entertainment at all future events truly animal-friendly--in other words, please commit to serving healthy, tasty vegan meals, for which animals were not tortured and killed, at any events where food is offered (this can be done quietly, with little fanfare, and easily with the support of local animal-friendly restaurants); to ending your support for, and fundraising via, the exploitation and endangerment of horses; to ending the parading of Sea World animals at Bark in the Park; and to ending any other similar practices that further exploit and create suffering for animals.

HSMO has already taken the first step by supporting Longmeadow Rescue Ranch in the first place, by acknowledging that these animals matter. It does not have to become an animal rights organization or actively advocate plant-based eating. But to be consistent with its own values and purposes, and out of respect for the animals at Longmeadow, it does need to take the next step and stop actively exploiting, endangering, and killing the very animals it is aiming to help--because every one of the animals HSMO takes part in exploiting, abusing, and killing for these events is as unique, feeling, and deserving of compassion as the animals at the rescue ranch. The Humane Society of Missouri and Longmeadow Rescue Ranch already do good work. Now it is time to do better, to do the work that I, along with others, can support and donate to in good conscience.

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