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Ask Change.Org To Open Up Communications

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Hi everyone,
I have been a working man all my life and still fairly new to computers and the wonders of the www.
I found this site back in January quite by chance.
up until then I hadn't bothered to get involved with a social site. In part because work kept me to busy and in part for personal reasons.
                             For the first time in my life I have had the time to practice and study the web.  When I found this site I felt Wow this one is really different.  I have always been an activist for many causes and have always stood up for what I feel is right and Just!

                             I feel this is a really great site and I have met some wonderful people here. Several of whom I have become personal friends with and speak with. I think it would be really awesome if one day all of us here at change could meet in person at a huge rally or convention. (preferably at a beach in my home state of Hawaii, lol)

                              Anyway on to the action.  
Some of my friends and I feel that we would like to ask our beloved site leaders here at change to implement a way to open communication between them and all of us members.
                               This would be in addition to the ( link)   Perhaps something in the way of a better link to address member concerns, suggestions and yes even complaints. In fact I think it would be great if these exact three heading's were offered to us as links to reach administrations.  By breaking it up into these categories it could also offer a more prompt response for members.
                                In the way of suggestions I would like to offer a couple right here.   First I feel that it is unnecessary to display on a persons public profile, the dollar amount raised or the number of actions and recruits a person has accomplished.   This exact information is displayed on our home page which we alone can see.

We have five levels of activist status from supporter up to change maker.    For members to get an idea of whether a person is a active fund raiser, recruiter or activist when they review a profile I suggest the following.   Instead of showing publicly the same numbers we can see on our own home pages, offer five levels for each.  Thus a person would only be displayed as a level one to level five fundraiser activist or recruiter.   Same for the people page. List all level 5 fundraisers activists and recruiters but list them alphabetically!   Also show the weeks top achievers for each alphabetically and forget the numbers.
As for the (all time greatest list)   do we really need that??   Are we not here out of the goodness in our hearts??   Are we not all great for doing what we do here??      Do we really need that sort of competition or title here??

                                   If we had the three links here my second suggestion would be to have a tutorial available for new members.  It should be a warm welcome that guides a new member through the site and especially informs one of how the COINS and GIFTS work!  It took me a little while to realize this when I first joined. Also I have had quite a few friends that have felt the same way and some that did not even know about it.

This petition within a pledge is to ask our site leaders to improve communication with members which in turn would surly improve the whole site experience in general and help us all to be more productive in a more family like atmosphere.  I decided to set it up this way so that those of you who wish may post a comment.

As always Aloha and God Bless you all.

PS. I couldn't find a photo
to post that would go with
the action and I didn't want
to leave it plain. So I just
added one of mine. lol.

Peace out!!

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