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Ask to Offer More Payment Processors for Non-Profits

This has been on the back burner in my mind, as a founder of a small non-profit who has found that online donations made from sites like, Causes on Facebook and other social media outlets has sometimes made the difference between offering 250 kids our Cultural Education 4 Kids program or 350 kids.  In other words, online donors have a tremendous impact on our organization.

Network for Good was founded in 2001 by America Online, Cisco Systems and Yahoo! to bring together donors, volunteers and charities online to accomplish good and have since merged with Since their founding they have since formed partnerships with many social media sites and become the sole middle man between donor funds and the nonprofit as is the case with

So what's the problem?  The problem is that there are far better alternatives out there that charge the nonprofits receiving the donor funds less.

Why You Need To Care?  Network for Good is taking 4.75% of each donation you make to your cause while Just Give would take 3%. 

Also consider, Network for Good's CEO makes over $200k while Just Give's CEO makes just over $60k.

Now take into consideration that Google has offered non-profits with Google Grants free transaction fees on all credit card processing (literally translating to a $10 donation to an organization equals a $10 donation!).  Using this generous example, can't sites like form better partnerships that enhance and increase their impact with the donor processing choices they make?

I understand that Network for Good & Just Give both need to remain viable in order to continue to provide on-line credit processing but shouldn't their goal be to help nonprofits and donors get the most from their on-line, financial relationships by providing as low costs as possible?  After all, donors aren't making a donation to support social media credit card processing, they're making a donation to support a cause they care about. 

Sign this petition and send a message that those giving online do care about how much of their donation is going to their cause and ask to offer more donor processing choices to their donors.

Letter to
Change Makers
I am concerned by your singular partnership with Network for Good and I'm writing to let you know that there are other donor fund management processors at there that could maximize the funds we raise for the causes we care about.

Just Give at charges only a 3% credit processing fee as opposed to Network for Good's standard 4.75%.  Google is also currently offering free credit card transactions to nonprofits who have a Google Grant through till 2010.  Perhaps you could advertise this so that eligible nonprofits can find the information on how to apply for the grant and more can benefit from these amazing benefits.  Also, offering a variety of payment processors will give possible donors more freedom and control over where their money goes which is important.

In summary, your solitary partnership with Network for Good is limiting the amount of good that can be done on your site.  I am writing to ask you to consider changing this.

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