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Inform members of the ASDA Baby and Toddler Club that they were misled by a Nestle SMA toddler milk promotion and apologise

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The UK Advertising Standards Authority has ruled that an ASDA email promoting Nestlé's SMA toddler milk was misleading, but ASDA isn't planning to tell people who received the email.

Mothers who are members of ASDA's Baby and Toddler Club contacted Baby Milk Action after receiving the email. It gave the impression that their children were at risk if they did not buy SMA toddler milk. Nestlé implies they might not get enough iron or Vitamin  D if they don't drink its milk.

However, the World Health Organisation has said these products are not necessary. The Department of Health says they are not necessary. Which? magazine from the Consumers Association has exposed how parents are spending hundreds of pounds on products they do not need. Expert analysis of fortified milks says, 'the voluntary fortification of foods and drinks needs to be questioned as there is increasing evidence that giving additional nutrients to those who do not need them may have adverse consequences.'

Baby Milk Action contacted ASDA with this information, but it just sent a response from Nestlé defending the claims and then refused to respond to further questions. So Baby Milk Action reported the promotion to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA).

The ASA published its ruling on 15 October 2014 upholding Baby Milk Action's complaints. It told ASDA and Nestlé not to repeat the promotion and 'told them not to state or imply that health could be affected by not consuming a product, or to give rise to doubt the nutritional adequacy of a reference product.’

Nestlé has said it is 'disappointed' and is continuing with similar claims in online advertising following the ruling. 

Baby Milk Action asked ASDA to inform people who received the email that they were misled and to apologise. It won't do so, saying only that it would 'ensure the ruling is adhered to in future marketing.'

That's not good enough. These companies are ripping parents off with advertising that has been proven to be false. The ASA hasn't even fined them because it is a voluntary system.

ASDA could easily send a follow-up email to members of its Baby and Toddler Club holding its hands up to misleading them and apologising. 

Sign this petition if you think ASDA should be honest with its customers and Nestlé should stop all promotion for these unnecessary and potentially harmful products.

Further details and the full text of the ASA ruling are on the Baby Milk Action website at:

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