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Dear Governor Asa Hutchinson:

 We appeal to you to remove Dr. Fitz Hill, appointed in 2016 with a term that runs to 2023, from the State Board of Education. His record as an educator and administrator is an embarrassment to all known moral and ethical codes.

 Dr. Hill is known as a “successful” former President of Arkansas Baptist College (ABC), afterward the Executive Director of the Scott Ford Center for Entrepreneurship & Community Development & Foundation (according to his LinkedIn), a promoter of education instead of prison for the most marginal African Americans, and for encouraging the playing of football among young men and even younger boys.

Dr. Hill’s actual record is atrocious and models standards for Black education that white citizens do not accept for their own children. By what knowledge of God and science was this man chosen to watch over education in Arkansas in the name of the public interest?

 Why does Dr. Hill, and those in collaboration with him, still have a personal interest in speaking on behalf of ABC and elevating his record there as a sequence of sterling accomplishments?  

Dr. Hill as president of Arkansas Baptist College took out multiple loans that bankrupted the college.  I don't know anything about the new president, but he never had a chance with the way Hill left that school.

Following the taking of these loans that bankrupted ABC, Dr. Hill was appointed by the Board of Trustees to raise money for the college as head of the college’s non-profit foundation. It is a matter of public record that the college foundation’s non-profit status expired three years ago and has not been renewed. Has Dr. Hill been speaking on behalf of the college and attempting to raise funds in a fraudulent capacity? How much was he compensated to do so?

 Dr. Hill as president of ABC allowed video games and TVs to replace books in the college library. On what terms does an outstanding educator of youth, who need to improve their basic skills in reading and writing, substitute books for video games and televisions in our college libraries?

 Dr. Hill, a former football coach, since stepping down from the presidency of ABC, has publicly advocated teaching football to Arkansas sixth graders. In the midst of the CTE scandal, the full implications which the NFL seeks to avoid, Hill is promoting a contact sport among our babies at even younger ages that has been proven to cause multiple concussions and long term brain damage. When many parents are deciding to,at the very least, have youth begin playing at later ages, if permitting their children to play at all, Dr. Hill in the name of mentoring youth is promoting the perils of almost certain brain damage to our children.

 Dr. Hill likes to present himself as ministering to dispossessed youth, nurturing them toward greater opportunity, and away from trouble with the law. The State Board of Education has permitted him to stand in judgment of whether our schools are being financially managed efficiently, meeting proper standards of instruction, and providing meaningful educational resources. For Hill to be placed in such a position is to place the fox in charge of the hen house.

 Governor Hutchinson, by uplifting Dr. Hill in the public service, you are partially liable for this person misleadingly and being measured as a reputable figure. As a result there is hearsay that Dr. Hill will be a future mayoral candidate.

 Dr. Hill cannot be considered a credible overseer of the finances or the academic standards of our educational institutions, or the health and well-being of our students. For sure, it would be a calamity if he oversaw our government and law enforcement more broadly.

 He must be removed from the State Board of Education immediately, and his actual patterns of financial and educational administration must be scrutinized.

 Still, it was a severe error, for those who are responsible, to empower him to speak on behalf of Black community institutions or Black children and underestimate our deep humanity. With the State Board of Education Dr. Hill has found a larger audience. Without your intervention Governor Hutchinson, Dr. Hill may be responsible for the brazen corrupting of a wider array of the Little Rock and Arkansas community.

 Keep the faith,

 Horrace “Zulu” Maddox         








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