Shadow Hearts Trilogy: Remaster

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 If you're reading this you're here for the same reason as i, Shadow Hearts is an extremly underrated franchise that didn't made is light in the show, i'm a huge fan of this franchise for the last 15 years. WE deserve it.

But there is a problem, Aruze Gaming droped the franchise after the relese of the 3rd game, Shadow Hearts: From a New World and they dont seem to be interresed in doing nothing with the francise so here is the proper solution, WE want Aruze Gaming (who is currently focused on pachico machines) to sell the Shadow Hearts franchise to other company or to Wild Rose studio (where the creator of the series currently works) who may be interresed in remaster it. Tons of videogames who were forgoten in the past are getting remasted these days and Shadow Hearts should be one of them, the only way to play it right know is by emulation or the lucky people who still owns an original copy of the game.

 There are thousand of people with financial capacity who would even start a kickstarter just to make it happen.

I speak for all the people who have been dreaming with this be able to happen.

WE have the people's strengh, let's make this dream come true.