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Increase the salary of Indian nurses.

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I am writing this petition for the sake of Indian nurse's pride,dignity and value. A committee set up by the Indian Nursing Council has mandated that nurses working in private hospitals be paid on a par with those employed in state government hospitals.It is an old issue that indian nurses are underpaid, Why is it that we nurses are less appreciated in terms of salary? We nurses play a very important role in this world, not only that our work deals with life, I am proud to say that we save lives. How come that those unlicensed jobs like carpenter, call center agent, secretaries, office clerks, bus drivers and others are paid higher than us? We are dealing with lives which most of us considers priceless. We take care of the sick populate with contagious diseases like Tetanus,Tuberculosis,Rabies,Pneumonia,HIV-AIDS where we risk our own health, yet the government and other institutions failed to give attention. We play a very important role in this planet, yet we are still unappreciated. Can you imagine how it would be if there were no nurses? Those critically ill patients will eventually die, those sick people will spend their lives in their death bed.
Now, equal pay for private and state-run hospital nurses, recommends committee set up by the Indian Nursing Council
Nurses, the lifeline in the patient-care system, may no longer be underpaid.
Article TOI- A committee set up by the Indian Nursing Council has mandated that nurses working in private hospitals be paid on a par with those employed in state government hospitals.
The plight of the private sector nurses can be imagined from the fact that they barely take home a fraction of what nurses in the government sector earn. Arun Kadam, executive president of Maharashtra State Nurses Association, said, "Many in the private sector take home Rs 2,500-6,000 a month. Even housemaids get paid more." Senior nurses in state-run institutions earn around Rs 80,000 a month, said Maharashtra Government Nurses Federation representatives.
The new recommendation covers every healthcare facility from stand-alone hospitals to tiny nursing homes to large chains and brands. The first recommendation is that the base wage will be a minimum of Rs 20,000 a month.
In case of 50- to 100-bed hospitals, the salary "should not be more than 25% less" in comparison to state government nurses, recommended the committee. Mid-sized hospitals with 100 to 200 beds must "not pay more than 10% less" in comparison to state hospital nursing staff. Larger centres with 200 beds or more must pay salaries on a par with state government nurses, depending on their grades and experience.
The committee's recommendations follow a long-drawn court battle for better working conditions for nurses in private hospitals. The Supreme Court directed the Centre to set up a committee to investigate the living conditions and salary structure of nurses employed in private hospitals and nursing homes.But still no action is taken. Still nurses are underpaid.
Please support this petition, even if you are not a nurse, I know you can relate and comprehend with what we feel and what we are trying to say. Our lives is a continuous cycle, without nurses all of us will die in agony.
Indian nurses will continue to leave the country where higher wages are given by overseas institutions. It's funny to think that teachers and policemen are paid higher than us, yet they still find it insufficient. How about us? Can it feed our families and pay our bills? Hell no. If we get caught with those contagious diseases, can the government or private sectors provide medications and free hospitalization? Hell no. Nurses are not recognized in this country. Billions of government budget were being wasted and corrupted yearly. How about alloting some of those for our wage increase?

Supreme court has asked central government to look into grievances of nurses  working in private hospitals,yet no action is being taken.

Please wake up Indian Government. Ignorance is bliss!!



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