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Arturia Musical Instruments - This petition requests fixes that pertain to Arturia's hardware and software. The encoders and software are severely unstable regardless of the recent updates. This problem has been neglected for almost a year.

Customers have lost hard earned money by purchasing a product that made promises to deliver but has completely failed to do so.  Complete false advertising.

Frédéric Brun and Gilles Pommereuil, I am specifically directing this towards YOU. I am creating a thread of fixes that seriously need to be addressed, we paid cold hard earned cash for this unit and the encoders are severely unstable regardless of the recent updates.  Please fix this issue, I feel as if there is a latency between hardware and software that maybe causing this (could be CPU spikes that's doing it also), which then causes the encoders to jump and wobble.

- Knob encoders #1-16 (If this is a major hardware issue then the consumer has every right to know, so stop beating around the bush)

- MiniLab suffers the most out of all the products and seriously needs to be fixed.

- Analog Lab crashing issues on a multitude of production software

- Volume knob issue in Logic

- The DANG unstable ENCODERS: The behavior is literally in such a manner that when I turn the knob rapidly left and go to make a change to the right the virtual knob still continues to go left, same with the opposite side.  I turn right and go to make a left it continues going to the right etc. (Yes, I know I repeated myself )

- Customer Service (Seriously)

- Certain times during playing, a key just wont play a note or cut out prematurely. (Sometimes this happens, regardless if an audio interface is connected and ASIO enabled or disabled)

- Random burps and halts within syncing.

- Analog Lab within Ableton Live just decides to stop functioning, on the upside other VST's still function.

- The drivers and certain aspects/behaviors of the software need to be rewritten.  A suggestion would be to hire more experts to troubleshoot this issue. (Preferably a few Russians and I'm sure you'll be good lol)

- An automated process that installs the scripts for Ableton Live for people who are not tech savy. (This was not the case for me but specifically for people who won't know how to even enable the hidden folders)

If this isn't concerning you enough Arturia then maybe consider the posts that are being made similar to this one,

Quote thetownie

"I'm thinking of returning this back to GC tomorrow.  1.) I'm still having a hard integrating with ableton 2.) the Analog Lab crashes every time I attempt to scroll through the presets"


Quote mynameisstuart

"the minlab keeps dropping out in logic.  why is this? has anyone else had the issue with this little keyboard?  i wish i kept my money to spend down the pub." 


Quote Greggo

"I have never encountered such a user UNFRIENDLY process for registering a product.  I have now spent way too much time just trying to get this SPARK EDM software authorized to use.  I bought it for my sons 13th birthday and I am now so angry and frustrated that I am going to take the software back to Guitar Center (not their fault) and get a refund.  So much for the birthday surprise.  My gosh people this is crazy!!!!! We bought the software enjoy and we all seem so frustrated with the stupid authorization process, it is just not worth the hassle.

Crazy! ." 

Now is this the kind of business you want on your hands?  It will start by one or two people for now. These numbers will most definitely grow and they will count, make no mistake.  There is absolutely no reason for professional musicians to look like petty beggars all because of a neglected product.  You are sending your customers to Akai and Korg.

Now don't get me wrong Arturia, the product is by far the best in its class and can be considered pro-consumer in many ways, but again we did pay good money to have a good product.  So please consider your customers and don't leave a reputation that will eventually cripple the business, lose it's customer base and at worst cause the company to close its doors.


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