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Why I need this shared and signed ?

As so many more failings and some even more horrendous than what you read in the papers actally unimaginable and all this leading up to when my own son went into care.

My son Derek Brundrett took his own life on the 12/12/2013 at Pembroke comprehensive school Pembrokeshire. Derek was in voluntary care due to agressive unmanageable behaviours at home hence all the assumptions of ADHD , PTSD, Autism . All diagnosis never confirmed and only assumptions after death not during time in care as it's All ready been proved social services let him down please refer to Derek in the Google search 

I have been granted a 24 month period into Derek's life How ever I need the scope opened to at least 3 years if not 4 years so the corenor can get a more clearer picture of what brought social services into our life's in the first place the gross misconduct , social workers giving out private and confidential information about my family as well  as other family's being spread around by so call professionals in whom I trusted. Even after formal complaints being raised this social worker gets suspended on full pay and then put into a different social service department.

Copy pasted paperwork from meetings that had took place at social services offices and they just changed dates of minutes and actions needed all remained the same as nothing was done.

Threats from social services to remove my other two children was the easiest way to get me to comply.  

7 different social workers in less than 2 years leaving no consistency and trust which then leads to lost information and gaps. (I have copies they have lost) convinent. 

 Social workers thinking it's ok to give my x our address then tell us we have to move for own safety in which I obliged eight times in less than two years as feared my boys would be taken.

Forced to not go see my 54 year old mother and stop being her carer as my x knew where she lived and as my x didn't live to far away I was told to stay away or a court order will be sought they even brought an officer and head of social. My mum died 6 months after my son took his life with little physical care from me as had to get carers in and it broke my mum and me.

I have so so much more to say so please help me to help the corenor reach a verdict that will get Pembrokeshire county council to answer these facts in the dock under oath and just explain to me why you let me and my family down when we needed you most .

8 moves 7 different social workers ' promises of mental help therapy, assessments ' monthly meeting that were waste of paper time and resources. CAF CAS assessments court with x for numerous incidences on domestic issues as well as he's desire to access the children all this and in two years , I think it's only fair to make them answer to the failings on my family and then in  hope more hidden information from other family's can be 're looked into as so many familys are in my position but not managed to get answers .

Please don't let my son get brushed under the carpet like so many other Pembrokeshire families whom still fight a long hard battle

In loving memory Derek Brundret please feel free to Google he's name.