Salve Regina: Consider Relocation of New Dorms to Respect "Gilded Age" Neighborhood

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Please respect the long-term cordial relationship you have with your neighbors and do not proceed with your plan to construct two new dormitories (400+ beds total) in a residential area until you have shared with us the long-term development plans for your school and thoughtfully listened to our concerns and worked with us to do everything possible to mitigate the impact of your need for additional dormitory space in our neighborhood.

You describe your campus as a “living laboratory” in "an extraordinary environment" and claim that your campus “enrich[es] the City of Newport and contribute[s] to the artistic, cultural, economic, educational and historical vitality of the State of Rhode Island.” You owe it to the taxpayers of Newport and the State of Rhode Island to tell us how much economic return these two large, modern buildings will actually bring to Newport and to the State!

Salve Regina University, please examine other places for your two new dormitories in the almost 80 acres that you own. There is no reason to build these visually intrusive buildings in a residential area that forms a major tourist corridor for the one million annual visitors to our "Gilded Age" neighborhood, including the jewel of Newport tourism, The Breakers!