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Art/Act For Poetry Month

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Good Poetry Month to All, Please, Art/Act for the Small Press World    :)


Musea Alerts: Musea Extra - The PEN Protest; etc..
Musea Extra: The Dallas Observer Blog Interview of April 1st
For you readers outside of Dallas, We have one main daily, The Dallas Morning News, and one main Weekly, the Dallas Observer.

Jesse Hughey, blogger from the Dallas Observer DC9 Blog, e-mailed me on April First and suggested an April Fool's Joke. He would interview me, and then instead of the usual pro-band conservative Observer stance, he would agree with my ideas.

Well, I don't know how well the joke worked, but it did allow me to spell out my ideas on the art and music revolution through answering his five questions. Check out the interview, his April Fool's Day response, and his confession (April 2) at:

Then decide for yourself. I also invite you to add your comment there. Let my listeners speak out too..

Tom Hendricks


Today is April first but this is no trick. Do you need a record company? Well you are welcome to be a part of MUSEA, my 16 year old zine's record company. It's free, you can be a part of it today and it will have no ties on either of us. No contract signed. No rules. No obligation on either side. It's to help us both promote our music by loosely joining together under one name.

And it does allow any independent unsigned musician, to tell others that they have been 'signed' to the most revolutionary record company in the world - Who else is doing this for example?

And on my side, it's good publicity for Musea, independent musicians, and the art and media revolution that I'm promoting.

I got the idea by seeing how many myspace musicians were unsigned. I have a small record company. Why not allow others to use the name till they get really signed by someone. It might just help them promote their music, and help me promote the art and media revolution.

So any musicians of any type of music - if you want to have a record company. You've got it. Just tell people your record company is Musea from Dallas, Texas, USA.
Then instead of putting unsigned on your myspace, you can put Musea, along with other indie musicians. Once your career gets going, you can start your own record company or sign with another one.

Let me know if you want to do it and I'll keep a roster of who's joined.
It's a way that a lot of indie musicians can loosely join together without any real commitment, until you get a regular record company.

Got questions or comments? Let me hear from you.
Some history on Musea's record company (1980s- Now). It started as a number of singles for me Tom Hendricks. Then a rock opera called 'John and Martha' with a full cast. Then a co-op record company with 6 lp's featuring about 12 musicians or groups on each recording, and recently 4 of my post-bands music CD's.

Tom Hendricks


Musea Extra - The PEN Protest
Karl Wenclas, the main person behind the organization of the Underground Literary Alliance, has started a PEN Protest at

This from the petition page:

PEN was created as an organization to protect and defend dissenting, outcast, and marginalized writers. PEN American Center makes this its mission-- except in America itself! In these economic hard times, impoverished writers shut out by the monied academies and conglomerates are in worse shape than since the 1930s. Democratizing PEN's board will aid the hope that as a designated charity, PEN's concerns and financial largesse not go to already successful authors like Philip Roth, but to talented writers facing real hardship.

I have signed it and I encourage all readers to sign it too. It reads:

WE the undersigned petition PEN American Center in New York to democratize their organization by appointing, as Trustees, not solely writers who are entwined with book companies owned by media monopolies. This includes writers who've dissented against the established U.S. literary mainstream. We ask all writers, from all backgrounds, to sign this Petition, including current PEN members and Trustees, in the interest of realizing the PEN mission, voiced by PEN's Larry Siems, of "bridging intellectual chasms and cultural divides."

For more info on PEN (which originally stood for Poets Essayists and Novelists) see the wikipedia page "International PEN

Tom Hendricks
(editor of the 16 year old zine Musea) (named as one of the best ZINES by UTNE magazine) (  Music -4 full CD's of free Post-Bands Music) (Blog for Musea)  (New Friends welcome) (all my videos)

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