Arnott's Shapes to Return the Original Nacho Cheese Flavour

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Arnott's Shapes have been an Australian icon for decades. Millions of Australians have grown up eating Arnott's Shapes and they come in a range of flavours to suit anyone's taste. In 2016 Arnott's changed the recipe of their iconic biscuits, a decision which upset thousands of their fans. Thankfully Arnott's has listened to public demand and reintroduced some of their classic flavours like Pizza, Chicken Crimpy and Barbecue. One flavour sadly has not returned, my personal favourite, and the favourite of countless others, Nacho Cheese. My childhood, my teens, and into my adult life, whenever I was having a tough day, was watching the footy, needed a quick snack, that blue box was always there. That delicious taste of original Nacho Cheese was heavenly, a taste unmatched. If ever I was on death row, my last meal would be a packet of, you guessed it, original Nacho Cheese Shapes. Please Arnott's, you have delighted many of your loyal fans by returning several of your iconic flavours, now its time to return the original Nacho Cheese flavour.