Safe Road for Bangladesh

Safe Road for Bangladesh

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Aarman Malik started this petition to Deira Dubai Army and the Youth

A major change could bring a big Diffrence in the Country.People die every day on the streets which means future is getting destroyed.These are the demands to be added with the students demands by Bangladeshi people living abroad.

1.Traffic Signal with Cameras live Recording 24x7 (365 days).Any one breaking the Red or Yellow signal the Camera flashes at the Vehicle and its Registerd number plate and the report to be sent to Traffic police controllers all over the city on Duty.

2.Speed Radars to be installed on the streets to control speed limit as a vehicle drives recklessly or speeding up is flashed and charged a penalty on Vehicle registration.

3.Drivers should perform training in order to Obtain Drivers License.Licenses should be in category for every type of Vehicle.And to be in English with Digital Chip and not Laminated.

4.Foot over Bridges to be built every 2km.And Subway after every 0.5 km of a Foot wear bridge where these Subways to be protected by Army.As no illegal act is performed throughout the day or night.

5.Roads should be marked with lanes and zebra lines all over Bangladesh.Lane 1 for Rikshaw.Lane 2 CNG ,Trucks,Trailors and Public Transport bus and their speed limit to be set as per CNG as the roads aren’t bigger enough.Lane 3 Private vehicles and commercial vehicles and Bikes.Lane 4 for Ambulance,Police,Rab,Fire Brigade ( Any vehicle found on this lane should be punished and Vehicle Confiscated for a certain period of time)

6.Every 3 km Army and Police vehicle on Duty Standby monitoring the Street.Left hand side of the Road special Parking to be made for Police and Army.

7.Every Foot wear Bridge should have a Bus Stop.

8.LED light poles to be installed on the Street.Any any kind of Maintenance to be performed only at Night after 12 am and should be completed before Sunrise.Including Road Maintenance (Government should have their own Contracting and Construction department)

9.Busses above 15 years old model from the Current year to be Scrapped with Proof of Evidence and Submitted to the Vehicle Registration Center.

10.Army to be given Authority to check Drivers License and related documents if felt suspicious.Drivers with Expired License to be given penalty and Prison for 90 days or an Period of time set by the Government.

11.Any Motor bike found on the Footh path to be carried away by the Police to the Government Yard and Confiscate for life time and sell on Auction after a Period of time or Damage the Vehicle.

12.Vehicles Changing diffrent lanes in Order to take other Street should follow some Rules as Indicators and mainting Lane and moving step by step with Speed Control.

13.Unfit Vehicles (No Paint,Customized Busses without Authentic Manufacturer permission,Black smoke (pollution),Seats without Seat belts,Vehicles without Air bags) to be confiscated.

14.Any Vehicle Honking without an Emergency to be given Penalty.Customized Horn to be Removed from Vehicles.

15.Goverment Ambulances to be available on a call 24x7 (365 Days) with a Toll free Number.And their Base location to be made in Every City of Bangladesh.

16.Any kind of Accident even a small dent to be informed to Police control Room and As Police will be Monitoring the street after an appropriate distance so Police should be available on a phone call within Minutes to Sort out Issue and a Proper Judgement to be given for Accidental Parties and Send for Insurance Claim and Get the Repaired job Done.Just to avoid any kind of Arguments or Fight on the Street in between the Accident Parties.Evey Year vehicles should also have Insurance with Registration.


Hope Students of Bangladesh can put these Demands infront of the Government  to be approved.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 7,500!
At 7,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get a reaction from the decision maker!