Petitioning Celerity Charter Schools and 12 others

Arminta Parents and Community Members Against Charter Co-Location

LAUSD has offered our school site to be shared with a charter school under Prop 39.  Prop 39 allows the district to designate LAUSD school sites to be shared with a charter school.  LAUSD believes that we have empty rooms and enough space to safely share our facilities with Celerity Charter, which is under Federal Investigation.  Do you think our playground, bathrooms, lunch area, etc. can handle 80+ more students??  The "empty" rooms that LAUSD has designated as available are:  Our School Library, Or Computer Labs - ST Math Labs and Typing Labs, Our Science Labs, Our Parent Center, The Art Room, Our Intervention Room and Resource Room, and Our Arminta Live Room (Theater, Dance, and Indoor PE).  We know there will be safety issues for our children, not only on, but off campus as well.  There will be more traffic and congestion for the influx of students coming from the charter school which means dropping off and picking up students will be much more of a challenge, there will be a separate administration, and we may be forced to have a separate entrance for our students.  W will be forced to share or have our playground segregated between the schools.  We may have to cut our daily enrichment programs.  Please help stop this Celerity from Co-Locating on our campus. We stand for our children, We stand for our students, We stand for public schools for all. We demand that you do not co-locate onto Arminta Street Elementary School campus!!!!!!

This petition will be delivered to:
  • Celerity Charter Schools
  • District 2 LAUSD School Board
    Monica Garcia
  • District 3 LAUSD School Board
    Scott Schmerelson
  • District 4 LAUSD School Board
    Steve Zimmer
  • District 5 LAUSD School Board
    Ref Rodriguez
  • District 6 LAUSD School Board
    Monica Ratliff
  • District 7 LAUSD School Board
    Richard Vladivic
  • District 1 LAUSD School Board
    George McKenna
  • Superintendent, LAUSD
    Michelle King
  • Local District North East Superintendent
    Linda Del Cueto
  • Councilwoman 6th District
    Nury Martinez
  • LAUSD Chief of Staff
    Alma Pena-Sanchez
  • Assemblyman for District 39
    Raul Bocanegra

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