Please reissue Armani Attitude fragrance

Please reissue Armani Attitude fragrance

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Armani Attitude Aficianado started this petition to Armani and

If you just read the comments in or alone, you'll see scores of people who terribly miss their beloved Armani Attitude fragrance. No replacement exists, nothing really close. Imagine how many others feel the same.

Even to those with complex or expensive tastes, Armani Attitude became an important part of their collection, sometimes their signature fragrance. In my case, it was the most complimented by women. It didn't announce itself to the room, but was irresistible up close. Such that any quick hug, became a long one.

Anyone who is lucky to have this, fear their dwindling supply. Aftermarket inventory is rarer by the day,  and unaffordable to most, with added risk of spoiled or counterfeit stock.

Storefronts complained the lid wasn't durable, and private owners agree, so maybe fix that.

Please, Armani, you got us all hooked, re-issue the formula as original. Don't change anything.



Following are a sample of the comments on Fragrantica :

"It's a perfume I had in my collection and never tested or knew it at all till a..lover told me it's a favorite."

"That was best men fragrance ever! Why they stop production??? Have no idea!!! Everybody loved that perfume! I used to buy it for my hubby and I know many ppl that they were using it and love it. I hope Armani will go back with Attitude again as a re-born perfume."

"This was given to my husband by a friend. I so love the scent. It is so manly and heaven, indeed! "

"Very sophisticated scent and very pleasant!
A wonderful perfume that can hardly be found!"

"Some people here say that this is the most macho scent ever or very masculine"

"I am heartbroken that Armani/L'Oreal discontinued my all time favourite fragrance"

"The ultimate, the best, the champion...
Incredible ladies reaction (especially from the type of ladies that likes the masculine scents). "

"This scent is not much powerful, intensive, sharp or dark, it just has that modern-sexy-seductive vibe that no one can beat. Proof for that are reaction of women, they are crazy for this scent."

"ATTITUDE is the best release from this house! I only have six 5ml bottles to cherish!"

"my latest possession of Armani Attitude will be one of my most treasured, indeed."

" To date, one of the few fragrances I get universal adoration for. "

"Annick Menardo, Alberto Morillas and Olivier Cresp did a really great job with this cologne and I must say that it's worth every cent invested especially now that it’s sadly discontinued. A real treasure to keep and store with care"

Honestly, this is my favourite fragrance of all time"

"Whoever pulled the plug on this magnum opus should be tried at the Hague for crimes against humanity."

"The Great release from Armani from The Great Perfumers.
The scent is so classy for classy man.
Solid love for me."

"smells lovely and not hipster coffee shop lovely no it smells all black suit hitman at a coffee shop lovely lmao its good stuff guys!"

" Amazing fragrance. Smells as if God himself breathed on you."

"The best Armani ever created and one of the best men's fragrances ever released. Masterpiece. Armani committed a crime by discontinuing this gem"

"I still can't wrap my brain around Armani discounting this masterpiece?! And to this day, I get mad each and every time I think about it. Grrrrr..... "

"I love this perfume, from all the Armani line this is my fav one !"

"my wife loves it and it makes me feel confident n sexy wearing it."

"Alberto Morillas made it again with this frag! I recommend it especially at night :)"

"One of the best perfumes I ever had.
The smell is really perfect at all levels.
Its performance is excellent."

... and so on.


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