Improve safety at the Old Dominion/Little Falls intersection

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Improve safety at the Old Dominion/Little Falls intersection

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Started by Holly Scott

Arlington friends,

My son sent the letter below to the Arlington County Board to ask them to consider a stoplight at the intersection of Old Dominion and Little Falls. He cc'd local news organizations, and Arlington Now asked whether he'd set up a petition, so here it is! Please help us encourage the Board to make the intersection at Old Dominion Drive and Little Falls Road safer for us all. We've seen far too many accidents there.


Dear Arlington County Board,

I am Andy and I am 13 years old. I attended Jamestown elementary school and now I am a rising 8th grader at Williamsburg middle school. I have lived in Arlington for basically my whole life, and I love it here.

I'm writing to you about the intersection at Old Dominion Dr. at Little Falls Rd. I have seen more than 15 crashes and many near misses. I am writing to ask you to do something about this intersection for everyone. Here is a possible solution that I hope you could look into: a stoplight. There are many ways you could program it, such as time it with the stoplight at Williamsburg Blvd. and Old Dominion Dr., use it only during rush hour and use flashing lights at other times, or use it like the stoplight at Yorktown blvd. and Little Falls Rd. when one car approaches the light will change. I hope you will please consider this option to improve safety on our roads.

Again I love Arlington, because of all the parks, restaurants, activities, bike lanes, sport programs, and school education.

Thank you for reading my email and I hope you consider it.

Arlington County Resident

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This petition had 116 supporters

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