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Recall Senator John McCain from Arizona for incompetence: CALLING FOR ARIZONA VOTERS ONLY!

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I'm asking Arizona voters to sign this petition to recall Senator John McCain and vote on a new Senator in a recall election. John McCain has not had the best interests of Arizona voters for many years with his vote on the latest repeal of Obamacare being just the latest example. Under Article 8 of the Arizona Constitution, a recall election can be held with enough Arizona voters signing a petition to have it by at least 25% of the voters in the last election. We elect representatives and Senators to do a job to fulfill promises, not give us show votes and under Arizona law, an elected official can be recalled for any reason. John McCain is incompetent and part of the Washington swamp that needs to be removed. Arizona voters have suffered long enough and deserve new leadership. The removal of John McCain from office helps Arizona voters get new leadership they deserve and we can help President Trump drain the swamp and it's going to take voters to help get the swamp drained. Now I may be from Alabama and can't have a say in Arizona, I wanted Obamacare repealed cause I've seen my prescription of Risperdal to treat Asperger's Syndrome go up, the price for a regular doctor's visit went up in one year alone and I voted representatives to repeal Obamacare and people like John McCain are in the way of achieving that goal. Obamacare was something I never wanted passed or even be left in place. It didn't do me any good, has Arizona voters had enough? For the record, I'm a conservative in my beliefs and have voted Republican in the past and I'm dead serious about holding both Republicans and Democrats in Congress responsible for failed promises. Why wait til 2022 when Arizona voters have the option of removing a Senator a few years early by a recall election? The American people say enough is enough. This petition is for ONLY Arizona voters to sign and the benefit is Arizona would get new leadership, President Trump's promise of draining the swamp is partly fulfilled, and we can finally make some progress that all Americans have been waiting for. The target goal of how many signatures is at least 2.5 million Arizona voters to get a recall election. Why a recall election? John McCain won't leave willingly which he is part of the Washington swamp that's been in office too long. I'm just one of many American voters that are growing sick and tired of my vote being taken for granted. I can only hope ONLY Arizona voters should sign this petition and show John McCain we mean business and the time for political games is over.  I'm asking ONLY Arizona voters to sign this petition cause only Arizona voters can recall Senator John McCain, not out of state people from a legal standpoint unless you want to reach conservative news media and conservative radio talk shows.  Arizona voters who sign this petition, put your name and where you reside in Arizona.

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