Get ASU to support minorities by building a multicultural center!

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Arizona State University is the only State University in Arizona and possibly the country that has no place for, or support programs for underrepresented minorities. It has no multicultural center, no ethnic cultural center, no diversity office, no attention paid to students of color. 

ASU use to have a whole floor of support programs for underrepresented minorities but it was removed to make space for the "New American University" which defines inclusiveness by equality and thus implies if it does not include white students it is not inclusiveness. Students of color are being harmed by ASU's failure to understand the difference between equity and equality. As consequence of ASU's colorblind practices, Native American graduation rates have fallen to only 33% and less than half of African American students are graduating (2015 statistics). 

We need a multicultural center to create space for students of color, to provide recruitment and retention programs for underrepresented minorities so that they don't let the students they admit fall through the cracks. We need the Intercultural Relations Center back, the center that was designed to address racial relations and racism, this too was removed by the New American University and today racist events like White Nationalist flyering on campus go unaddressed. It is unfair to expect the Vice Provost of Diversity, 1 person, to be responsible to address all issues of racism on campus. ASU is failing their students of color and we need them to show that our lives matter by providing the appropriate space and support for students of color.