Disbar Attorney Aaron Kelly and Attorney Daniel Warner

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The Arizona Bar along with the authorities are currently investigating both Attorney Aaron Kelly and Attorney Daniel Warner.

Kelly/Warner have filed a slew of lawsuits that have listed fake defendants, fake notarization, and forged signatures...all for the purpose of removing negative information about their clients from Google searches.    That way, if a consumer was looking up information about one of their clients accused of running a scam, the information would disappear because of an illegal injunction.

Additionally, these attorneys were accused of publishing false information about a former client on their law website.    When that client brought a bar complaint, Warner claimed that he hired someone named "Barri Grossman" to publish content to his law website and that Grossman published the negative content about the former client without him knowing about it.   That led to the bar dismissing the complaint.

Come to find out, it appears as if there is no one that exists named "Barri Grossman" and that the name was made up for the sole purpose of getting the bar complaint dismissed.   With this information brought to light, the Arizona Bar has added the missing "Grossman" blogger to their investigation.    Resorting to old tactics, Kelly/Warner published a new article attacking their former client on their law website again.

Finally, there was a posting on RipOffReport about Attorney Daniel Warner that was written by a former client.   It appears as-if Warner worked with accused court fraudster Richart Ruddie to have the RipOffReport removed by creating a fake defendant and illegal legal scheme: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/volokh-conspiracy/wp-content/uploads/sites/14/2017/03/Md-Baltimore-Ruddie-Documents.pdf 

If these allegations are true, then Attorney Aaron Kelly and Attorney Daniel Warner should get disbarred and indicted.  

The Washington Post, The USA Herald, Public Citizen, and TechDirt have published a series of articles on Aaron Kelly, Daniel Warner, and Richart Ruddie.   AVVO, the lawyer rating website, is now involved in working to get an illegal injunction filed against them by The Kelly Warner Law Firm vacated due to what the lead attorney for the plaintiff refers to the filing as "defrauding an Arizona Court to Sanitize Megan Welter's Reputation."  

These attorneys must be stopped dead in their tracks, and it is in your power to do so by signing this petition to stop their abuse of power.   Please sign and share this petition to make an example out of Aaron Kelly and Daniel Warner.