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Arizona Attorney General, Don't let him get away with raping my two little sisters.

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NO ONE can see your signature or name not even me..... Please sign and share...I only have a few days left before he is released.

Back in 2003 Orson William Black was charged by the state of Arizona for having sex and sexual misconduct with two of my little sisters Roberta and Beth who were children at the time. FIVE! felony counts in all. 

After he was charged, Orson William Black has spent the last 14 years on the run hiding out in Mexico with my brainwashed sisters and their many children in tow. In 2006 America's Most Wanted ran an episode on him and how dangerous of a man he is. 

However as of recent weeks Orson William Black has been detained in Mexico shortly after the murders of three of his young sons ages 15, 19 and 23 due to Orson's illegal activities. All three of these boys are my nephews. My sisters pain just continues and deepens at the hands of this man. 

So after 14 years of working with the US Marshalls, FBI and Attorney General's office of Arizona I get told that the current Attorney General of the State of Arizona, Mark Brnovich has seen fit to dismiss all of the charges filed in 2003. Five felony charges. POOF! GONE! 

Orson William Black has been deported to the United States of America. He is being detained by customs at the moment. He will be released in a few days as a free man to come and go to the US and Mexico and do whatever he wishes to do. The Attorney General of Arizona needs to act and act fast to reinstate the charges. I fear Orson will be set free without justice ever being served. I fear he will continue to victimize my sisters and their children and they will never be free of him. 

With that being said I can only imagine what my sisters have endured, and pray for their safety, sanity and well-being. 

It is very similar to the Elizabeth Smart story, only instead of 9 months this has been going on for a decade plus.

Please help me end this torture. 

REINSTATE THE CHARGES ARIZONA ATTORNEY GENERAL!!!                              (602) 542-5025

State of Arizona plaintiff vs Orson William Black Jr. defendant.                                                              No. CR2003-239 Counts 1 thru 5

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