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Stop linganore high from dressing as natives

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I care about changing the head dress to a spear because it is culturally insensitive to natives who are still on reserves and to people who are offended by the cultural insensitivity taken place. When I ask other kids from different schools in our community what the first impression they get from our school is they usually say that they think our school is racist. Due to the fact that we have white males dressing up in a Native American head dress at games without shirts on with paint all over the front of them. Recently I've been notified that the head dress was donated by a white male who claimed his family was part native. I understand how some may feel it's okay to wear the head dress then. The native community feels as if they are being mocked when you choose to appropriate their culture in this way. Due to the fact that none of these boys are chiefs, even if they were of native decent it wouldn't be okay to wear this head dress. In conclusion I want to prevent this head dress from being worn at games.

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