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Jerusalem has been the Jewish holiest City for 3,000 years and the home to the two Jewish Temples that stood in Jerusalem. In 1967 Israel liberated the City of Jerusalem and took down the wall that kept Jews out. 
For 2,000 years we prayed to return to Zion and now that we are back, it is the Israeli government that is continuing a policy that would be considered anti-semitic if carried out by any other country in the world. 
Any Jews caught whispering a prayer on the Temple Mount is arrested and thrown off by Israeli Police! This has to STOP!

We demand that the Israeli government stop the shameful policy of arresting Jews who dare whisper a prayer on the Temple Mount. 

We are demanding that the State of Israel and Benjamin Netanyahu allow full freedom of worship for the Jewish people on the Temple Mount. 
Whether you are right or Left, Jewish or not, if you believe in freedom and equality, you should join me in this struggle for freedom. 

We cannot demand of the world to respect our rights if we ourselves don't do so.