Tencent's Treatment of its Customers is Unacceptable

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Tencent's treatment of its Arena of Valor community has been unacceptable for too long now, its time to hold them accountable, below is a short list of current behaviors which need to STOP NOW:

  • Cease shady "lottery-type" systems of obtainable heroes and skins via the use of Lottery systems. This outweighs the satisfaction of obtaining a hero/skin with the frustrating factor of having to spend quite an amount of money to obtain it. Sometimes even having to spend over $1000 will still not guarantee you obtain a hero.
  • The training and acquired knowledge of Support Personnel on the product (Arena of Valor) to ensure that appropriate Support is achieved when a ticket is submitted.
  • Tencent to evaluate their refund policy as those who decide their change their mind are less-likely to make a future purchase if their initial change-of-mind purchase is not refunded.
  • Tencent needs to appoint a new active Community Manager. Who acts as the bridge between our community and the Developers/Tencent; and does this actively.
  • Tencent to become more engage in it's Arena of Valor support for locally run and administered Community Tournaments run by volunteers. This can be achieved through the aforementioned newly appointed Community Manager position.
  • Tencent needs to fix the 'High Ping Bug' which is occurring on its ASIA Server, this bug has stopped players on the ASIA Server from playing the game for a quarter of a year.
  • Tencent should consider releasing an oceanic server for it's Australia/New Zealand player base. Growing popularity in the region can only be possible if options are enabled to allow natural growth. Having no local servers in a country forces players to have an unpleasant experience connecting to a neighbouring region.
  • Tencent need to open an official forum where the player base can be in communication with developers first hand that will also deliver on-time news and events. Having a discord is nothing official as the "moderators" are only volunteers that run from hearsay. Having an official channel will help with direct lines of contact.

It's time that Tencent was held accountable for their money grabbing attitude which is clearly becoming borderline appropriate for some kind of legal action, sign this petition and help us all make them aware that we wont stand for the way we have been treated.