Stop the publication of unresearched and hateful Opinion Pieces by Archant Norfolk

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In the recent weeks, Archant has published several 'Opinion Pieces', which has seen increasingly controversial (and factually inaccurate) articles being picked out to be published.

Everybody is entitled to their own opinion, and the right to free speech;

However, by publishing views that encourage discrimination and division of society (Such as the 'Opinion Piece' that suggests that Soup Kitchens are detrimental to the issue of homelessness, published by regular EDP columnist, Steve Downes),

Not only are they directly and irresponsibly endorsing these views by publishing and giving such opinions a much louder voice, which in turn only serves to validate people with similar views and encourage the wrong impression that society as a whole condones these views, but they also directly profit from these articles, by pushing social media traffic onto their website, where they profit from Ad revenue. 

To publish such an article after a week that has seen multiple homeless people perish in our county from exposure; I feel that the Archant Editorial team should be ashamed of themselves at the lack of compassion in the very fact that they decided this was the apt thing to publish. In MY opinion, I'd call this a succinct lack of journalistic integrity from everyone who agreed to publish controversial pieces with the aim to draw traffic to their site.

I'd like to propose that every single 'Opinion Piece' requires mandatory fact-checking by Archant's Editorial team (With the full responsibility of any published Inaccuracies falling directly on Archant themselves) and that any 'Opinion Pieces' should be published on a page containing no advertisements so that nobody profits from such views.

I feel that this is not an unreasonable request, as it is the Editors literal role to fact check and approve any articles for publishment.