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Archaeological Survey of India and UNESCO: Declare the Chokahatu Megalithic site as a World Heritage Site.

1. India has Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Sikh and Buddhist sites as World Heritage sites but sadly there are no archaeological/heritage sites of the tribals that has yet been ordained with this coveted award.

2. Prehistoric megaliths lie scattered all over the country that testifies the hard fact that the tribal megaliths are indeed the real archaeological and historical relic of prehistoric India.

3. Not a single megalithic site has received a heritage status nor have they been declared tourist spots in India as Stonehenge, Avebury or Newgrange . Understandably because these are of non Aryan tribal origin.

4. Chokahatu is an enormous megalithic site spread to a whopping area of of over 7 acres of land. and has over 7600 sepuchral sabs.
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5. The megalithic site is still being used by the Munda tribals as they still raise dolmens since over 2500 years.

6. A site so vast and still in use for more than 2500 years in an uninterrupted fashion reveals a living tradition for over 2500 years !

7. A site revealing a living tradition for more than 2500 years surely makes the Chokahatu megalithic site an obvious claimant for the World heritage Status.

7. Presume no other megalithic site in the world leave aside in India that has a living tradition of megalithism so old .

8. Please understand the depth of the petition and sign your petition in support.


Come let's celebrate megaliths.

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