Support the Second Company Governor's Horse Guard Newtown CT

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Standing with those Ready To Serve

The Second Horse has been put on the State Budget "chopping block"

This Troop has served with honor and integrity in its over 200 year history of selfless service. A stroke of a pen as a line item decision seems a sad way to put to rest this Troop of dedicated men and women along with the legacy and tradition of the US Mounted Cavalry.

This unit has worked hard to become self funding and has kept up the values by which they were incorporated in 1808.

The care they have for the horses they serve with, the love they have for their community, and the pride they share in representing the State and Nation are truly on par with any other unit in active service.

It is an honor and privilege to serve with the brothers and sisters of this Cavalry Unit, one the two oldest active units in the United States.  

If you are so inclined, please sign this petition  to a Connecticut State Senator or Connecticut State Representative with your support would go a long way in being the voice of those who voluntarily choose to serve.