Reinstate the Christian App that LGBT community have banned !!

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Living Hope Ministry  provide the Christian community an App that was available on Apple's App store. It is somewhere we can go to join with others of our faith to seek Truth, acceptance, answers and comfort and the list goes on. Basically the LGBT community have decided that we are all homophobic gender attackers and have petitioned to and succeded to get this App banned. Everybody can get offended at all sorts of things but we also have to respect other faiths and freedom of speech. There are plenty of LGBT Apps where the community within theses Apps talk about our faith and beliefs without one ounce of respect for our community. We have a choice as to what we read and believe in especially within an App as the LGBT community do also. By banning this App it is discrimination. Please reinstate this App as it's a place broken people go to for all sorts of reasons not to run down the LGBT community. In whatever faith, or belief system you will find those that may give descriminitve opinions to all sort of opposing views including people from the LGBT community who are doing just that by petitioning against a Christian service. I do not want to petition for the LGBT Apps to be removed because of their beliefs or opinions to which they are entitled too within the App's, they are free to do so. I don't download their App's therefore do not engage in their opinions on there. Why are these people downloading the Living Hope App and looking for something to complain about ?  How can this be equal rights when they do these things ? So this petition is about equal rights, freedom of speech and the discrimination against Christians. We hold our love of God and our faith in the word of God close to our hearts and should not be oppressed. 

All due respect to those in the LGBT community who have not got tied up in this coup and decide to walk their own walk everybody should not get tarred with the same brush we are all people with human rights let us be safe in our communities without being discriminatory to each other. I feel this is a personal attack on Christians around the world by actually removing a private space made for us to worship, talk and share our beliefs.