Recall program for 27 inch iMac's with hinges failing

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I have been reading forums and many people have the same issue. 

The stand on the 27 inch iMac just snaps all of a sudden and your iMac doesn't stand up properly. I had this problem myself on my iMac, and I got told by apple they haven't heard of this problem. After spending $2,000 on a computer I don't really expect this type of issue. Then I found out that there is a forum there is over 20 pages of discussion about the same issue.

I am myself a Engineer and the defect is quite an obvious one. When you use a very thin piece of plastic to withstand the torsion force provided by a large 27" monitor that a thin part of plastic is using to maintain equilibrium, it will fail over use. (as seen in the attached photo). Some people move their monitors up and down more than others, this shouldn't be a factor in when this part will fail, let alone the factor of a screen being bigger. If this wasn't a defect, then we would see the same problem on 21" iMacs too wouldn't we?

All I am after is that Apple recalls the part on the product and repairs it for people as a recall program, and I hope others agree.


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