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Make an Aboriginal and a Torres Strait Islander flag Emoji!

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Today everyone is using emojis and there is a flag for every country but sadly the flags that are missing are the Aboriginal flag and the Torres Strait Islander flag.

These flags are a symbol for Indigenous people and the rich culture and connection that is shared. The flag that has the potential to unite Australia. First nation deserves to be equal to the rest of the world, how can we eliminate racism and try bridge the gap when something like this still is not recognised? 

There are literally so many emojis of pointless things, these include things like an ice-cream and a Unicorn (which might be cool) but it is not fair or right that Indigenous Australians are the only ones who are not represented. This is something that should have already happened but for some reason it has not.

It makes me angry that nothing has been done about this, when I am sure it would not be that hard for them to create two more emoticons. 

Sign this to convince Apple and Facebook to add these emojis. 

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