Llama emoji

Llama emoji

11 June 2017
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Started by Mark Humphreys

Over the past few years the use of emoji has become vital to modern communications. 

There are many emojis to quickly express feelings, describe situations and objects. 

However one emoji that has still not been created despite the large demand, wealth of applications and lack of alternatives is the llama emoji. 

The humble llama is one of the most magnificent, popular and expressive animals around. 

Despite having much less useful animal emojis such as blowfish and crabs, there is still no llama or alpaca emoji. 

The llama is a brave defender of sheep, guide and carrier of mountains and a fantastical source of amusement. 

Other uses could be for common phrases 'save the drama for the llama', 'llamao' instead of lmao and as a substitute for hipsters with bad haircuts. 

I find the lack of llama and alpaca emojis disappointing and frankly not meeting the need of the common people...

The common people who love llamas. 

Let's make llama emojis the new standard

Let's include them on every android and ios keyboard and every social network. 

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This petition had 728 supporters

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