Khalsa flag emoji for Apple keyboard

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To start this off, hi my name is Harry Singh Ghuman, as a Sikh I wanted to say something about my people. There is almost every emoji flag of the country or peoples faiths created beside the Khalsa Flag or the religious symbol the Khanda, even as the 5th biggest religion (Sikhism) theirs no sign of the Khanda in the emoji keyboard whereas not alot of people know what a Sikh is. The background to why the Sikh flag and the Khanda should be added, continuously Sikhs have been getting killed, discriminated by Hindus in India even after the 1984 Sikh genocide. I came here to say that the Indian flag to us Sikhs are no use to us considering the discrimination we face in that country which has been happening to Sikhs for generations. The ten days of June is the remembrance of the June 1984 Sikh genocide. We people want a voice and a change out there for our sake as a way to reach out that we are all one. Our voices have not yet been heard as we fight and fight. The Indian flag is something we Sikhs do not want to represent ourselves with because even as 2018, India has still been ruthless to us Sikhs. Yes, we may be a state of India, but the Khalsa flag can be an emoji for justice and peace. As I wish and hope someone will reach out to the software developer for Apple and as an iPhone user, I hope that Apple will add the Khalsa flag emoji into the next update, its a very sentimental meaning to a lot of things and a way for Sikhs to use worldwide to represent ourselves. Please consider this, thank you very much.

Harry Ghuman