Convince Bandi To Make Digimon Go

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Pokemon Go Has Become One of the most Successful Mobile games in history, But The Thing Which has Started to make alot of people Angry is stopping people using Fake GPS, spoofing Makes The Game more Fun, peaple Should be able to Choose how they what to play it, There are alot of Children in Hospital who are ill and can't walk, Spoofing helps them connect with there friends, So I Suggest Bandi Teaming up with Apple and Microsoft to make Digimon Go - With The ability to let the gamer choose how they what to play it, They can play it on the go or play it with a joystick and the ability to Teleport, plus The Ability to use Chrome cast for your TV So you can use a Gaming controller, without your progress getting lost, I really Believe This can be a Successful game and make alot of money if Done Right, Obviously have the theme Tune as the game loads up.