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Growing up in this day and age, I have come to a realization that the Assyrian culture is dying out. Where I get asked “What nationality are you?” and when I reply with “Assyrian” I would get the reply of “What is that?” or “I’ve never heard that before”.  For this reason, I am demanding an Assyrian flag emoji, for the recognition we deserve.

Assyrians are not Arabians or Arabs, we are not Kurdish, our religion is not Islam. The Assyrians are the Indigenous Aramaic (one of the oldest languages) speaking people of the Middle East, with our own unique language, culture, heritage, and with a history spanning over 6767 years. Although the Assyrian Empire ended in 612 B.C., history is replete with recorded details of the continuous presence of Assyrian people till this present time. Assyrians are now scattered all around the world, mainly in Sweden (120000), Germany (90000), and America (400000). With a population of almost 5 million making the Assyrian population bigger than the population of Tonga (108020), Iceland (335025), Jamaica (2890299), Georgia (3912061), and just over 100 other countries.

The Assyrian flag was designed in 1968 by George Bit Atanus.

-       The golden circle in the centre represents the sun.

-       The four-pointed star symbolises the land, light blue symbolising tranquillity.

-       The wavy stripes represent the three major rivers of the Assyrian homeland: the Tigris (red), the Euphrates (dark blue), and the and the Great Zab (white).

-       The archer figure symbolizes the pre-Christian God Assur (Ashur).
The Assyrian flag does not represent a country, but it represents a group of people, a community, just like the LGBTI flag. The Assyrian flag represents a strong group of people who till this day are striving for their culture, risking their life for their culture, and most importantly, not giving up on their culture.

Growing up in this day and age, I have come to a realization that sometimes emojis speak louder than words for most. This generation was brought up by emojis, upcoming generations won’t know a world without emojis. Therefore, every Assyrian growing up shouldn’t feel different than ‘the other guy’, every Assyrian growing up shouldn’t feel like they don’t belong, because in this day and age emojis can and will categorise people.
Assyrians are proud of their culture, having this small recognition will allow us to share our pride with the world like ‘the other guy’, it will give upcoming generations hope that they do belong to something so modern yet so precious.
It Is clear what I am asking for, something so small but so meaningful to Assyrians around the world. We stand as one and ask for an ASSYRIAN FLAG EMOJI.

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