Apple: Make an Affordable External Mac Display For The Rest Of Us!

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Dear Apple, Please make a great, affordable, external display for mainstream Mac users!

Congratulations on making external displays Insanely Great Again, as we asked you to do two years ago. The 32” 6K Pro Display XDR is a game-changer. And, starting at $5000 — or, $6000 with the stand — this display doesn’t address the needs of most Mac users.

All you’d have to do is take the 27” Retina iMac display and rework it as a stand-alone external Thunderbolt 3 display. Preferably with affordable stand and VESA mount options. 27" Retina iMacs start at $1799 as of June 2019. Surely you can make and sell an external display for less.

And/Or, create a compromise size - 30”, perhaps? - at a price point that’s half or less the price of the Pro XDR, yet still fantastic. It doesn’t need to be reference-grade, it just needs to be Retina.

And/Or, enable Target Display Mode on future iMacs, which sadly doesn’t work on current-gen iMacs.

You need to hit both segments of the market: the UltraPros, who need reference-grade, and The Rest Of Us, who simply want an Apple-designed, Apple-quality Retina external display to use with our MacBook Pros.

Thanks, Apple. We're counting on you.

P.S. - The LG 5K UltraFine Display is unacceptable. Far too many of us have experienced image retention problems. The plastic bezels are a blight on our desktops. Users are unhappy, as reflected in the average 2.5 star reviews. Plus, LG is not equipped to offer Apple-level customer service. End the partnership with LG, and bring external Mac displays back in-house where they belong.