Apple: Make an Affordable External Mac Display For The Rest Of Us!

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Dear Apple, Please make a great external display that mainstream Mac users can afford!

Congratulations on making external displays Insanely Great Again, as we asked you to do two years ago. The 32” 6K Pro Display XDR is a game-changer. And, starting at $5000 — or, $6000 with the standthis display doesn’t address the needs of the majority of your Mac user base.

To satisfy us, all you’d have to do is take the 27” Retina iMac display and rework it as a stand-alone external Thunderbolt 3 display. Preferably with affordable stand and VESA mount options. 27" Retina iMacs start at $1799 as of June 3 2019. Surely you can make and sell an external display for less.

And/Or, create a compromise size - 30”, perhaps? - at a price point that’s half or less the price of the Pro XDR, yet still fantastic. It doesn’t need to be reference-grade, it just needs to be Retina.

And/Or, enable Target Display Mode on future iMacs, which sadly doesn’t work on current-gen iMacs.

You need to hit both segments of the market: the UltraPros, who need reference-grade, and the masses, who simply want an Apple-designed, Apple-quality Retina external display to use with our MacBook Pros.

So, please: make an Insanely Great external display For The Rest Of Us. Or at least, throw us a Target Display Mode bone. We’re counting on you.

P.S. - The LG 5K UltraFine Display is unacceptable. It's buggy. Far too many of us have experienced major image retention problems. The cheap, fugly plastic bezels are a blight on our desktops. The reviews are scathing, with an average of 2.5 stars on the Apple Store. It should be discontinued. Plus, LG is not equipped to offer Apple-level customer service. End the partnership with LG, and bring external Mac displays back in-house where they belong.

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