APPLE and GOOGLE STORES must be held accountable

APPLE and GOOGLE STORES must be held accountable

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Started by Dennis Ekwere

There are many online loan apps enticing most vulnerable Nigerians for loans without collateral but end up enslaving many more. They operates as financial businesses of borrowing and giving loans to most vulnerable Nigerians through Apple playstore and Google store respectively. Most of this online loan apps are shark loan companies owned by foreigners especially and specifically they are Chinese. They operate as unlicensed and unregistered entity in the Nigeria Internet space and are unknown by any Nigeria regulations or law therefore, making them illegal, unlawful by all regulatory frameworks and standard including best fair practice even in line with global best practice. So I wonder why Apple and Google encourage the continous presence of this sort of unlawful entities on their platforms thereby directly encouraging lawlessness if not in Africa and Nigeria?

Disturbed is the entire business model of  shark companies which wholly is exploitative and harmful to many Nigerians and amount to fraud and criminality just because Apple and Google support it. What Apple and Google care more about is making their monies profitably no matter what happens to citizenry, who cares? The continous milking of the poorest poor by these shark app loans companies can go on and on, we really don't care! Do Apple and Google really care given the way they are behaving with cold gloves since on this issue? It's evidently clear they care only about themselves and profit, not the well being of its consumers and to me this is not fair at all.That is why I am writing this petition and asking you to please sign now.

By merely allowing this sharks apps to use and continue to use their platforms, simply means they are supporting the ills even when the regulators in Nigeria have officially notified them to delete these shark apps from their platforms so as to prevent and protect the weak and vulnerable Nigerians from this  exploitation gallore, Apple and Google have deliberately refused to do so with a stiff deaf ears to hearing the agonies caused by unlawful acts of the shark app loans. Could Apple and Google have done this if it's in the US? The answer will be no. So why then in Nigeria? That's why, we the people will not allow it, full stop.

Recalled that the Joint Task Force of Federal Competition and Consumers Protection Council (FCCPC), National Human Rights Commission, National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA), Independent Corrupt Practice Commission (ICPC), Economic and Financial Crime Commission (EFCC) with the Nigeria Police Force launched a cracked down on some notorious shark app loan companies recently and issued a strong instruction that Apple and Google must delete these loan apps from their store. The instruction Apple and Google is feeling too big to follow because it's from Nigeria? Once again for avoidance of repetition, we the people of Nigeria will never accept this and must make sure we hold Apple and Google to account and bend their knees through collective social campaigns and peaceful actions till they obey and comply totally and in wholesome to what the regulators have issued as order. 

Therefore, I am by this petition bringing to the notice of Apple and Google that shark loan apps have caused and cost far more HARM than good to millions of weak Nigerians and must be deleted to prevent and protect vulnerable from further abuse, enslavement and exploitation including violation of digital rights of Nigerians, which is recognized globally as human rights. WHY SHOULD A BUSINESS ENTERPRISE DO HARM?

Can you hear the cry? I hereby amplify the voice of voiceless to you sensitively for your sensitivity.

So can Apple and Google for once be responsible and listen to the cry of millions of Nigerians?




121 have signed. Let’s get to 200!