a dab emoji

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we need a dab emoji bc honestly why don’t we have one yet. we have a selfie emoji, a fairy emoji, hell we even have a mermaid emoji. and don’t yall get me started on the brain emoji. listen here, nobody, and i mean nobody uses the brain emoji. no offense to brains like yall are great!!!!! but. you don’t need an emoji

studies have shown that 99.9% of the cool kids tend to dab when they’re happy, sad, mad, stressed, or scared. it is a worldwide trend that is probably the best thing that has ever happened to us and we should encourage it even more, by having a dab emoji.

personally i believe we should have an emoji of everyone and everything. also hypmic. i got into hypmic and honestly we need an emoji of jakurai dabbing 

maybe a grinch emoji too while you’re at it. but the dab emoji should definitely be first priority. this decision could improve and even save lives. 

i’m trying to make this world a better place by starting small with this petition but in the future i plan to try making a kazoo emoji possible. i truly think that people can benefit from these things.

so let’s do the right thing and make the dab emoji happen.  <— see that could have been the perfect place to put a dab emoji but you know there isn’t one so??? aHA anyways listen to my page and sign this 

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