Appeal to the govt of Pakistan to update Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act Pakistan

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All living beings, humans, birds, animals, insects etc ,are worthy of consideration and respect. Islam has always viewed animals as a special part of God’s creation. Mankind is responsible for whatever it has at its disposal, including animals whose rights must be respected. The Holy Qur’an, the Hadith, and the history of Islamic civilization offer many examples of kindness, mercy, and compassion for animals. 

There is a century-old law known as the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1890 introduced by the British to save the walking, flying or crawling species from human brutality.

Animal rights in Pakistan are commonly dismissed and ignored, often on the pretext that in a country where humans are not getting their rights, there is little point in focusing on advocating for the rights of animals. Whether that line of reasoning makes sense is debatable, but it is important to understand that animals need as much love and affection as any other living being

Animal rights advocates say they have never seen the law being implemented. Rather, state-sponsored brutalities against animals continue in the form of inaction against violators of the law as well as the killing of stray animals by local authorities. For example, Karachi municipal officials killed 850 stray dogs within a week in December 2012. Separately, the Lahore municipal workers had also killed around 27,000 stray dogs during 2010, according to media reports.

The laws are there but they are never implemented. The authorities have not even amended or improved the existing laws which were made back in 1890. The punishments and fines are insignificant like Rs. 50 and 1 month. This is a petition to make an appeal to the new government of Pakistan to take action and update the fines and punishments mentioned in this Act. This law will safeguard the rights of animals and anyone who dares to hurt an animal would have to think twice. 

The Quran describes that animals form communities, just as humans do:

“There is not an animal that lives on the earth, nor a being that flies on its wings, but they form communities like you. Nothing have we omitted from the Book, and they all shall be gathered to their Lord in the end”(Quran 6:38).