Appeal Against Carlisle High Rise Build To Let - Kimmage

Appeal Against Carlisle High Rise Build To Let - Kimmage

April 1, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Josine Wierda

We all live in Dublin city and understand that construction of suitable and affordable housing is in dire need.
The critical point here is that it should be suitable and affordable!

On March 15th, LIONCOR developments have submitted fast track plans to build 208 apartments across 5 blocks, up to 6 stories in height in the undeveloped area beside the Ben Dunne Carlisle Gym (see image).

This is an extremely small area for such a high-density development, is not sustainable and does not take into account the needs or views of current local residents nor the future planned residents of the new development themselves as follows:

  • Planning 208 apartments (104 x 1 bed & 104 x 2 bed) – not suitable for family living!
  • Planning for only 100 car spaces for up to 624 residents! Not enough at all. Where do you think the extra cars will park?
  • In its application it is mentioned the guiding price of a 2-bed apartment as €670,000 – this is not affordable!
  • Lack of suitable greenspace and playground areas!
  • Only one access point via existing gym entrance onto Kimmage Road West. No plans to upgrade with traffic lights. Existing footpaths on this road are very narrow. This is already a very congested & dangerous entrance, beside Whitehall Road junction. There was an accident at this junction already this year, tragically resulting in the loss of a life.
  • At up to 6 floors the blocks are grossly too high and will tower over surrounding houses. The lack of privacy is completely unacceptable. In their own study it indicates as per below that nearby gardens will be also completely overshadowed by 4pm in June! 

We hope you can agree that this is a completely unacceptable development proposal!

As this development follows the Fast track planning process, it goes straight to An Bord Pleanála, and the decision cannot be appealed! So we only get one chance to have our voices heard & we only have 3 weeks to do so!

How can you help? By doing the following:

  1. Most importantly lodge an objection before planning deadline April 18, 2022! Go to Click on housing SHD. Scroll down & click on SHD observations. Scroll halfway down the page to Members of the public & click on send your observation online. Planning reference 313043-22. Note: It costs €20 to do so. If you have any issues call An Bord Pleanála at (01) 8588100 and they will help you.
  2. Email & complain to your local councilors and TDs;
  3. You can educate yourself on the size and scale of the development. Many pictures and graphics of what it will look like are included
  4. If you want to donate? Please visit: the Kimmage Residents GoFundMe
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Signatures: 602Next Goal: 1,000
Support now