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Get Amber Downs Off Facebook

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Amber Downs has been on Facebook for quite some time. As someone who had her on my friends list, I can honestly say that she is in no way, shape or form fit to use social media. 

Amber has killed her pets for attention and posted about it on social media. She has sexually assaulted a photographer. She has made false rape and sexual assault allegations against other people. She has invalidated other people’s traumatic experiences by making the situation about her. There is video evidence of her abusing somebody else’s dogs - in the video, she runs up to the dogs and kicks them. She livestreams on Facebook claiming that she is going to commit suicide if people don’t stop ‘making her life worse than it already is’. 

I do not believe she is in any fit state to be using social media and I feel it would benefit the people who she has manipulated, lied to and victimised if her account was deleted entirely. 

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