Time to End Water Fluoridation in Australia’s water supply!!

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To The People Of Australia
The time has come for the people of Australia to know the TRUTH 

About the substance known as Fluoride that is added to your household water supply as a Safe and Effective Antidote to prevent tooth decay. The fluoride substance is not a natural or organic element of calcium fluoride as the people have been led to believe.

The substance referred to as Fluoride, is  either, the highly toxic S6 Poisonous (Fluorosilic Acid [H2SiF6] aluminium smelter waste or according to Queensland Health, they import DiSodium Hexafluorosilicate [Na2SiF6.] phosphate fertiliser waste containing Arsenic, Mercury, Barium, Lead, Beryllium, Polonium and other heavy metals.


Both are among the most dangerous compounds of chemicals known to mankind, added as a medication without your understanding or consent. These toxic products kill everything – People, Animals, Wildlife and the Environment.
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Carol Macpherson·1 year ago
Floride is toxic get it OUT of my water,you didn't ask me if I wanted it in the water I PAY FOR!


Colleen McGrath·11 months ago
Flouride is a poison, especially those of us with neuro/muscular conditions.. not only does it impact on the health of… Read more

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