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Take away State Championship Title from Racist Teen.

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In Omaha, Nebraska. 

A student athlete received little, to almost no punishment to an incident today, February 28th, 2017. The incident consisted of   two African-American kids, and a group of Caucasian kids. One of the kids used a racial slur against a group of American-Americans, calling them Nigg*rs, throwing racial tension in the air, and causing a scene, and teasing them about the color of their skin, and trying to get the other group to fight them. Two of the African-American kids flipped out, with valid reason, and never even touched the Caucasian teenagers. The consequences for the African-American teens, one, possibly more, were arrested and taken out of the building in handcuffs, taken to the police station in police vechiles, and embarrassed in front of the school. This isn't the first time this student has called them the racial slur, it's been happening for almost two weeks now, and the student's friends have called the African-American Kids Monkeys, also. The School has labeled the African-American group as the aggressors, but, the Caucasian group has been racially labeling this group for a while now, and when it was brought to the deans, nothing was done to the Caucasian group, but One of the Boys in the "aggressor" group, has been arrested, and suspended until further notice. Please, sign this petition to further punish these kids. Racism is not something to be taken lightly, and for the school to brush it off makes these children, and other kids think racism is not a big issue happening today. 

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