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Support Stray Kids OT9 - No Matter Where Their Journey Takes Them

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Always Support Nine Boys, Even If The Paths They Take Are Different. 

As I am sure most of you already know, Felix has been eliminated from Stray Kids. That means we now have both Minho & Felix who have been eliminated, and there’s still a chance someone else could get eliminated. 

What I am aiming to do with this petition is to show JYP that no matter how many members get eliminated, we Stray Kids fans are going to be here for all nine boys no matter what. Even if he doesn’t bring back the eliminated members and they have to walk separate paths, nothing is going to stop us from loving and supporting all nine boys. We will all continue to support them and wish them the best like I know they are all going to do for each other. Let’s show JYP just how strong of a bond Stay Kids & Stray Kids fans have even though they have not made their official debut.  Don’t let JYP tear us apart. 


If the petition does well I will send it to JYP. We don’t know if this will do anything, or change his mind at all, but the least we can do is show him how much love we have for all nine extremely talented, hardworking boys. 


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