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Byron "Reckful" Bernstein was permanantley banned for account sharing in Blizzard Game's game: "World of Warcraft". This is a serious issue, of course, and just action should be taken immediately (account sharing is a large problem within the World of Warcraft community) but this player "Reckful" was given no prior suspension or warning. There is a rating system within the game, and right now the highest rating is approximately 2785. Reckful was playing for a player (of whom's name I do not know as of right now) and only got him into the 2000-2100 rating range. That range is barely detrimental to the arena ladder, which is how rating is portrayed on a competitive level, Reckful was still permanantley banned. There is a pyramid in place for these sort of offenses, going from 3 hours, to 24 hours, to 48 hours, to 72 hours, a final warning being issued, and then account closure. Blizzard skipped all of these steps and went straight to permanantley banning a player who has a great amount of positive influence. I've played World of Warcraft for 5 years and have known about Reckful for 4 of those 5. This man has, in part, shaped a good bit of the meta-game, and has allowed the PVP community to grow exponentially. If he is unbanned, the community will rejoice in the glory of such an action. His following is greater than many would think, and the support behind this case is similar in size. Blizzard was right in punishing him, of course, but he has had no chance to appeal for why he should NOT be permanently banned. Blizzard is wrong in banning him for good with no prior suspension. We must free this man from the iron grip of unjust punishment.