Disband Kaachi (Cancel Them)

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Kacchi is a "kpop" girl group based in the UK. Other than the fact that 3/4 of them aren't even at the very least asian, they bring shame upon the kpop community. They have talked bad about some very successful kpop idols; these are people who have been training for decades and many different people go through the hustle of training just for a chance to become something big. It's almost as if Kaachi is mocking all the people who train for many years and don't even get to debut. It seems as though Kaachi has only trained for a few months and just debut. This is a mockery. For these people to come out and call themselves a kpop group just for popularity is rude because not only is this someone's culture, many people have a special connection to kpop. They have a very questionable fandom name and have been comparing themselves to extremely successful idols. Kaachi makes the entire kpop industry look bad because it is very clear they have not been through the standard training every kpop idol must undergo. There are certain ways an idol has to be to even be considered a kpop idol; there is more to kpop than just singing, dancing, rapping and making music in Korean. These girls are not fluent in Korean and at this point it seems as if they are using kpop to get in the spotlight. These are a bunch of koreaboos using and disrespecting other people. They bring disgrace to an entire industry. The issue here is that people are disrespecting someone's genre of music. Kaachi has copied many different choreographies from many different kpop groups. These idols work very hard and come out with original dance moves and for this group to steal them and reproduce them in a bad way is so messed up on so many levels. Kaachi has also taken many different kpop group logos. This is now plagiarism and it has gotten to the point where this is clownery. There are many different problems with Kaachi, but please know that signing this petition will help so many people and in the end we can show these girls not use someone's culture for popularity, not to plagiarize other people's work and not make a mockery of an entire industry.