Save the Red Pandas

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Red pandas have main threats are human but they do have some animals threats that are wild dogs, owls, snow leopards, clouded leopards and hawks the main reasons for the red pandas going endangered is deforestation and poaching there are only 10,000 left in the wild and 2,500 are left in the wild if you are caught poaching you are finned $10,00 and can go to jail up to 10 years. Habitat destruction is conceded one of the biggest threats to red pandas the main reason for the deforestation is population growth. Red panda’s population has gone from vulnerable to Endangered In a very short amount of time this is due to the local human population has almost doubled from 1971 to 1991 causing the demand for housing farm land and fire wood this means that the red panda population to go down rapidly. By the red panda habitat be destroyed their nesting trees and their bamboo has gone this means they have no way of getting food and they die. 

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