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To animate the visual novel "Katawa Shoujo"

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Whether through our reminiscing or though our eager anticipation we see our highschool years as the most precious moments of our life. It is a time when we discover friendship, learn our life lessons, and most importantly, encounter love. To some, it is the time when the greatest love story ever told started.

Katawa Shoujo is a visual novel that tells one of those stories. It is remarkable not only for its great storyline, but its depiction where disabilities are no hindrance to life, happiness and love. Readers from all walks of life who became fans finds inspiration from the stories.

Given the subject matter, it is expected that a visual novel where young people with disabilities finding affection will raise some suspicious eyebrows. But as multitude of online reviewers and legions of fans are willing to attest, the issue of disability is approached respectfully and is in no way distasteful.

There are many equally great visual novels out there, but why adapt Katawa Shoujo into an anime? Let's put this into perspective. It is the first visual novel produced in English by anime/manga fans (4LS) for fans and it is currently winning fans the world over. The latter is an unprecedented event by any means, as the english speaking market have traditionally been resistant to accept visual novel as a medium for narrative. It is also a sign that the market is willing to consume more anime/manga styled media as long as it is well implemented.

Given the opportunity, it would be wise for any anime studios with an eye for the international market to capitalise on the popularity of KS and lead the push for a greater share of the international market by creating an anime series based on it.

Here is a TLDR version for those who couldn't get through the wall of text above:

Please make Katawa Shoujo anime because:

1. It has a great story, beautiful, even.

2. It is respectful to its subject matter.

3. There is an established international fanbase.

4. It is a surefire way to reach international anime fans & gamers.

Thank you for reading

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