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Xiaxue to apologize to BTS, EXO and Monsta X

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We would like Xiaxue to make a public apology to BTS, EXO and Monsta X.

First of all, her behavior is extremely intolerable, throwing around the term trannies like its nothing. the term tranny is a derogatory term, and just like how if you're not black, you should not use the term nigga, she has no right to use the word trannies even if it isn't offensive to transgender people. 

Secondly, to raise awareness of how Xiaxue have been causing a huge wave of disturbance to the Kpop committee by insulting kpop idols and triggering kpop fans unnecessarily. I would like to gather supporters and fans together to stop this vicious cycle of stupidity. Insulting and bashing is getting nowhere ending like this carries on. Xiaxue owes a public apology to kpop idols and their companies as well as the fans. Its not asking for much, just an apology. A public one. 

Thirdly,  her act of insulting idols by intentionally misgendering them is disgusting. misgendering is extremely rude, and the fact that she refuses to apologize but instead fans the flames worsens her case. Its just unimagineable if the idols themselves hear about this and it wouldnt reflect too well on Singaporeans in general. Wouldn't it also have a bad effect on the idol's self perception?

 In fact, her saying that boys wearing make up means that they identify as female is also unacceptable. Gendering of make up, like all other things, should stop. it's just like saying that all girls should be housewives and that pants should only be worn by boys. Boys wearing makeup is actually very prevalent in our society. all performers wear stage make up, and even politicians do too. she should
not have insulted idols just because they wear make up, and intentionally misgender them.

ALL K-pop fans, we would once again, like to petition for xiaxue to issue a public apology to all idols brought into this situation and the fans. her insensitivity has caused an uproar, and we will not let her walk away with no repercussions for her behavior, without at least apologizing sincerely for the offense caused to both the fans of each and every fandom and to the idols themselves.

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